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Wordlist of the month – English Profile

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This month we have selected a new set of words based on the English Vocabulary Profile. Here is a list of words related to the internet. Thanks to Matt in Vietnam for suggesting this.

A2 Click
A2 Download

B1 Blog
B1 Bookmark
B1 Hardware
B1 Upload
B1 Virus

B2 Broadband
B2 Browser
B2 Crash
B2 Cursor
B2 Icon
B2 Upgrade

C1 Spam

C2 Address Bar
C2 Firewall
C2 Hacker
C2 Hyperlink

Next to each word you will see a letter and number (A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2). This means that this word should be familiar to a learner at that CEFR level. For example, in the list above a learner at C2 level should know all these words; a learner at B1 level would probably only know the first seven words on the list.

Having problems with the definition or pronunciation? Need some example sentences? You can look the words up at:

To save you time, we have prepared some activities that you can use with these words relating to the internet. You can find them at Vocabulary activities – internet words. For more activities, hints and tips on how to create your own, take a look at Quick vocabulary activities. Is there a wordlist that you need? Tell us and we’ll include it.

Written by Cambridge English Southern Europe

May 25, 2012 at 10:00 am

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