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Students must take a long-term view on English skills to enhance their employability, say experts

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Students need to focus on small talk when developing their language skills, according to an expert from a department of Cambridge University.

Speaking as the Australian Education Fair gets underway across India, Sujata Stead Assistant Director at the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL) says that choosing English language qualifications that actually help students improve their language skills can give them a real advantage in the long run.

“Having the right level of communication skills will not only help students make the most of their opportunity of studying abroad, but recent research has shown that a high level of communication skills also enhances employment opportunities”, explains Sujata Stead. “Too many students around the world find that they can follow lectures and write essays but may not have the social skills to thrive in an English speaking environment, or the interpersonal skills for professional success.”

“In the last year we have seen significant increase in the number of candidates taking Cambridge ESOL’s high level English language exam, Cambridge English Advanced. One of the reasons for the increased demand for the exam is that students are increasingly focusing on developing high levels of English to compete for jobs in a shrinking job market.”

Cambridge English Advanced is focused on IELTS bands 7 and above which is the level required for academic and professional success. The exam is recognised by over 3,000 universities, governments and organisations including Australia and the UK for university and student visa application and is now available to students in India.

Sujata – who originally comes from India – reflects on some of her experiences:

“When I carried out my studies in the UK, I found that small talk in real-life situations was just as important as academic and technical skills. The importance of being able to use real-life communication skills has been highlighted in recent research in a wide range of professions and can make the difference of success or failure in higher education and professional life.”

During the event, Cambridge ESOL will showcase the Cambridge English Advanced qualification.

Written by Cambridge English Southern Europe

September 3, 2012 at 10:00 am

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