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Practical classroom exam tips and ideas for the preparation of Cambridge English YLE No 3.

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Cambridge English Language Assessment UK and Bell ran a global competition inviting teachers of English from all over the world to submit written practical teaching ideas for preparing their candidates for a range of Cambridge English examinations.

We would like to share with you these teaching ideas as in a series of posts in our blog as we believe they are practical and useful tools to integrate into your classroom experience and will help to inspire you now and in the future.

This is the third post with teaching tips for Cambridge English: YLE.

Daniela Mirza, Romania

Job role: Primary English teacher in an international school in Bucharest

Exam preparation idea for: Cambridge English: Movers (YLE Movers), Listening test

1. Record an interview which includes basic questions about family, home and hobbies.
2. Create a worksheet using information from the interview, incorporating pictures and descriptive words.
3. Ask students to listen carefully to the interview.
4. Encourage students to draw lines to connect different pieces of information on the worksheet, connecting what they hear to what they see.
5. Mark worksheets interactively to discuss the interview and activity further.

Materials needed:
Paper, pen, photo of family, recording equipment

Interview and gap fill
“I asked one of my students in Grade 4 to interview a teacher of English from New Zealand. The student had a set of questions that he asked the teacher, based on the structure from the Cambridge English: Movers Listening test. The teacher introduced himself and spelled his name. Then he showed a picture of his family, explained who the people in the picture were, described everyone and provided names. The student asked about the type of accommodation he lives in/location, various sport activities that the teacher might be involved in, finding out information about the days on which the teacher practises the various sport activities.

I recorded the conversation and then I created a worksheet similar to the exam question type. I then played the CD in class. My students had to fill in the gaps (e.g. a picture of a family – students had to connect names with people by listening to their description; a set of pictures showing various sport activities/the days of the week next to them – students had to connect the pictures with the days when the activities were performed, etc.). The CD was played twice. Then we checked the answers interactively. I also invited the New Zealand teacher to my class, for a bit of ‘realia’. My students loved the Listening test.”

If you have any further teaching tips please submit these to:

Written by Cambridge English Southern Europe

February 27, 2013 at 10:00 am

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