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Practical classroom exam tips and ideas for the preparation of Cambridge English: KET No 2.

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Cambridge English Language Assessment UK and Bell ran a global competition inviting teachers of English from all over the world to submit written practical teaching ideas for preparing their candidates for a range of Cambridge English examinations.

We would like to share with you these teaching ideas as in a series of posts in our blog as we believe they are practical and useful tools to integrate into your classroom experience and will help to inspire you now and in the future.

This is the second post with teaching tips for Cambridge English: KET.

Mersina Sehc, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Job role:
Teacher, Cambridge English: Key (KET)

Exam preparation idea for:
Cambridge English: Key (KET)

1. Arrange realia on a desk and ask students to sit in a circle around it.
2. Ask students to come to the desk one at a time and select an item related in some way to the item chosen by the previous student.
3. Explain that they must not speak until each student has chosen an object.
4. Encourage the students to explain to the class why they picked their item.

Materials needed:
Realia of various unrelated items; enough for each class member

Go pick an item!
“I noticed that my young learners like visual aids, so students sit in a circle and I arrange realia on a desk. Then students approach the desk one by one and pick an item without talking. The item has to be in some way connected to the item the previous student chose. There does not have to be an obvious connection, but it must be something that makes sense to the student.

Afterwards, the students explain to the class why they picked that particular item. Students often say if they use it often, of whom the item reminds them, where it can be bought, etc.”

If you have any further teaching tips please submit these to:

Written by Cambridge English Southern Europe

March 13, 2013 at 10:00 am

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