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Practical classroom exam tips and ideas for the preparation of Cambridge English FCE No 6.

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Cambridge English Language Assessment UK and Bell ran a global competition inviting teachers of English from all over the world to submit written practical teaching ideas for preparing their candidates for a range of Cambridge English examinations.

We would like to share with you these teaching ideas as in a series of posts in our blog as we believe they are practical and useful tools to integrate into your classroom experience and will help to inspire you now and in the future.

This is the sixth post with teaching tips for Cambridge English: FCE.

Anastasiya Biryukova, Ukraine 

Job role:
Teacher, Cambridge English: First (FCE)

Exam preparation idea for:
Cambridge English: First (FCE), Writing paper, report.

1. Start a classroom discussion about what makes a tourist-friendly location.
2. Divide students into four groups and ask them to discuss what they might talk about in one of four locations.
3. Take the groups to a town or city centre and encourage them to pretend to be tourists, talking to real people in English, in their given location.
4. Ask the students to report orally on their conclusions.
5. Ask them to write a report based on their experiences and suggest improvements.

Materials needed:
Classroom preparation and field trip for students to their local city

Tourist exercise
Note: This activity is based around the UEFA Euro 2012 Football Championship and one of its host cities, Lviv, Ukraine. The format could be applied to other events and locations.

“Start a classroom discussion: When you go abroad as a tourist, which things make a city ‘friendly’? Is your home town friendly towards tourists? Next, divide the students into four groups. Set the task: You are a tourist. What questions do you usually ask and what might you talk about to people in different places?

1. In a café (group 1 discusses)
2. In a hostel (group 2)
3. In a taxi (group 3)
4. In a tourist information centre (group 4)

Take the class outside (in the city centre), set a time limit and ask them to work in the same groups, pretending to be tourists.

Talk to real people, i.e. waiters in several cafés (group 1), receptionists in a few hostels (group 2), some taxi drivers (group 3), and tourist information centre staff (group 4) in order to find out how friendly and helpful they are to tourists. Speak only English. Back in class, students report orally on the conclusions they have made about their target group of people and the facilities. They put their ideas in writing.

Discuss the structure of the report students are going to write, and brainstorm ideas for appropriate headings. Set the final task: Write
a report for the local Euro 2012 Committee in Lviv, making suggestions on how to improve tourist facilities in the host city, Lviv.”

If you have any further teaching tips please submit these to:

Written by Cambridge English Southern Europe

April 7, 2013 at 10:00 am

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