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Centenary Competition for Schools 2013 – Project 4

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This is the description of the fourth Project in the currently running Centenary Competition for Schools 2013.

Project 4: Our class diary (ages 6+) 

Description of project: Produce a booklet of diary extracts then share it with your Cambridge English Penfriends partner school. Note that most activities in this project are for students aged 8 and over. It is important to ensure that the school you swap diaries with has students who are the same age as your students.

Age group: All activities are suitable for children aged 8+. Activity 4 can be adapted to suit children aged 6+. Please see more details below.

Activity 1 (aged 8+)

Find a partner school and check they would like to work with you on this activity. Tell the class about the partner school – tell them which country it is in and find out what your students know about this country.

Focus: Speaking and Listening

Activity 2 (aged 8+)

Show your students some different examples of diaries (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, etc.). Or, if you can’t find diary extracts that are appropriate for your class, you could write your own diary for the day before. When the students read it, they have to guess whose diary it is.

Focus: Reading

Activity 3 (aged 8+)

Ask your students to highlight the narrative tenses that are used in the diary extracts you look at (past simple, past continuous, etc.) and review the language that is used for describing everyday activities (I got up at/had my lunch at …, etc.)

Focus: Language Awareness

Activity 4 (aged 6+)

Set your students a homework assignment to keep their own diary for a week. Get them to decide on the format that they will use for their diary: text only; text and drawings? Younger students who cannot yet write in English could make a diary by sticking things in their diary – important tickets, sweet wrappers, leaves from trees, etc.

Focus: Planning

Activity 5 (aged 8+)

When your students have kept their diaries for a week, get them to share their diaries with each other. You can have the diaries on different tables around the room and let students go and read each other’s diaries. As a class, discuss what they have read in the diaries – which activities are common to all students and which activities are particularly interesting or unusual?

Focus: Reading and Speaking

Activity 6 (aged 8+)

As a class, decide which entries should go into a class diary that you will then show to your partner school. Or, if you prefer, let students work in groups and decide which entries from the diaries in their group would be of interest. What kind of entries will they choose – funny, serious, unusual, informative, or a combination of these types?

Focus: Speaking

Activity 7 (aged 8+)

Get your students to design the class diary. You may want to make photocopies of the entries the students have chosen so they can stick them in a big scrapbook. Or students could staple the photocopies together and make a front cover. Your students may also want to stick pictures in the class diary or draw illustrations to make it more interesting for the partner school.

Activity 8 (aged 8+)

Swap class diaries with your partner school.

Activity 9 (aged 8+)

Get your students to look at the partner school’s diary. If possible you could separate out the pages of the partner school’s diary so that you could put them around the room. Students can then enjoy reading extracts from the diary. Get your students to talk about what their favourite diary entry is. As a class, talk about whether the partner school students’ daily activities are the same as or different from your students’ daily activities.

Focus: Reading and Speaking

Activity 10 (aged 8+)

Ask your students to write letters to your partner school to thank them for the diaries and highlight any similarities or differences between the students’ everyday lives.

Focus: Writing

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June 8, 2013 at 10:00 am

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