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Centenary Competition for Schools 2013 – Project 7

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This is the description of the seventh Project in the currently running Centenary Competition for Schools 2013.

Project 7: Our class (ages 10+)

Description of project: Create a ‘collage’ that represents the connections or common interests students have with each other in the classroom and in daily life.

Age group: All activities are suitable for children aged 10+. Remember that some of the activities can be adapted to suit younger children. For example, for Activity 1, you can show an image of a famous children’s programme character and ask them what they would like to know about the character.

Activity 1:

Pin the photo of a well-known celebrity on the board and ask your students what kind of questions they would like to ask him/her. Review the structures that are needed for interviewing – different types of questions (open and closed); why and when do you use these different types of questions?

Focus: Language Awareness

Activity 2:

Create a class questionnaire to identify similarities and differences in the class. This should be generated by your students but it could include things like: favourite things; interests; family background; family structure; the places people have visited; dreams and aspirations, etc.

Focus: Writing

Activity 3:

Set up a mingling activity so that your students can ask other students the questions created in Activity 2. The aim of this activity is to find similarities between students in the class, so it would be good if students could give their questionnaire to several students. Students talk about their results with the class to explain the similarities they have found.

Focus: Listening, Speaking

Activity 4:

Put the class into groups of three or four students who share a ‘connection’, as identified in Activity 3. In groups, students should research and identify famous people who share or are related to their connection (they may already know about a celebrity who also has a connection, or they could find one by using a search engine on the internet). Write about this celebrity in English.

Focus: Research, Reading and Writing

Activity 5:

Family interviews. Students choose a family member to interview using the class questionnaire. The interview can be conducted in the student’s native language, but should be written up in English.

Focus: Writing

Activity 6:

Back in their groups, students create a diagram summarising the connections they have discovered with each other, famous people and family members.

Focus: Speaking and Writing

Activity 7:

Each group presents the connections they have found to the class.

Focus: Speaking

Activity 8:

Picture research. Ask each group to research images that represent the connections they have found. They can search for photos in books and newspapers, or using a search engine on the internet.

Focus: Research

Activity 9:

Image selection. Each group selects one image from their research that they think best sums up the connection they have found. This is the image that will be used in the collage in Activity 10. The groups should write a short piece explaining why they have chosen this image.

Focus: Speaking and Writing

Activity 10:

Create the collage. You could use a real notice board to pin up the images that the class has found. The class talks about the different images that other groups have found. Are any of them connected to each other?

Focus: Speaking

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June 14, 2013 at 10:00 am

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