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Learning tip for parents: Start and end each day with English

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A good way to help your child to speak and think in English is to start and finish each day talking to your child in English.

For example, you can begin each day by greeting your child in English and asking something like ‘Did you sleep well?’  Depending on your child’s level, you can ask about dreams, breakfast and the day ahead.  If your child comes home for lunch, try to use English then, too. This will introduce new expressions like: ‘Welcome back’, ‘Are you hungry?’ and ‘Wash your hands, please’.

Try to end the day by talking about your child’s school day, or by reading a story in English together before saying goodnight.

Repeat this every day and you will soon make a habit of speaking to each other in English.

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Written by Cambridge English Southern Europe

October 26, 2013 at 10:00 am

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