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Learning activity for parents– Adventure around the world!

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This activity comes as part of a larger set of Cambridge English activities found in our dedicated Parents newsletter, designed to help parents assist their children in learning English.


Write the letters of the alphabet on pieces of paper and put them face down on the table. One person picks up a letter (for example ‘M’) and starts the sentence ‘I went to _____’ with a country name beginning with M. They then complete the sentence with as many words beginning with M as they can.

For example: I went to Mexico and I met a mysterious man called Miguel.

Players get one point for each word beginning with the letter that they use in the sentence (so in the example sentence above they would get five points). The next person picks up a letter and does the same. If it is too difficult to think of a country name for a letter, then players can choose another letter (or pass on a letter). They can only do this three times in a game.

The winner is the person who has the most points when all the letters have been used up. To make the game easier, you could remove some letters at the start, and only use the letters they will know country names for.

Cambridge English newsletter for Parents: a truly valuable resource to help you help your kids learn better!

Cambridge English has started a free newsletter specially designed for parents. This newsletter aims at helping parents make learning English more fun and effective for their children, through the inclusion of articles as well as several practical, handy tips like this one!

Parents will receive:

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Written by Cambridge English Southern Europe

November 29, 2013 at 10:00 am

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