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Updating our digital media accounts for Southern Europe

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To reflect the reach of our regional Southern Europe hub, we will soon be making changes to our established digital media channels operating in Italy and South east Europe. These changes will be fully in place in January 2014 and we will make sure that you are well informed of them so that you can retain and enhance the channels of communicating with us. We would like to take the opportunity and outline some of these changes to you.

Cambridge English Italy and Cambridge English South East Europe Twitter accounts

Our Cambridge English Italy and South East Europe accounts will merge, with the current South East Europe account changing its name to Cambridge English Southern Europe (SE) to reflect the reach of our new hub. As the Italian account will eventually be deactivated, we will be posting frequent tweets and sending out automated DM messages to all the Italian followers with information on the deactivation date, along with a link to the new Southern Europe Twitter profile so as to facilitate the transition from one account to the other.

The new Southern Europe account will constitute one of the main information channels for the whole region, tweeting about all the latest news relating to events, seminars, registration info, exam dates and updates, support materials and our regional network as well as many upcoming offers that we are planning for you in the months to come.  Generally, you can expect us to tweet about:

  • Regular updates on all the new developments regarding Cambridge English exams and preparation material
  • Interesting articles and posts with information of a more educational focus
  • Ideas and suggestions on various topics that may affect your everyday activity and approach to teaching 

If you are already a follower of the Cambridge English Italy account there is no reason why you should not already follow us at the new Southern Europe account found here. If you do have a Twitter profile but have not yet followed us, please do not hesitate to do so and benefit from the chance to maintain a consistently open, communicative relationship with our regional office.

Cambridge English Southern Europe blog

Launched in late 2011 to form an extensive communication channel with everyone in the ELT community, the Southern Europe blog is increasingly becoming one of the most influential blogs in the region,  providing its subscribers with regular updates on all the new developments regarding Cambridge English exams as well as posts with a content of a more educational focus.

Subscribing to our blog  is of significant importance as it will give you the opportunity to express your opinionsgenerate discussions and exchange ideas with other colleagues on various topics posted, which may affect your everyday activity and approach to teaching. Most importantly, you will receive each of our posts straight into your email account, enabling you with easier access to its contents.

In hope that we will soon see lots of blogging activity, we urge you to visit our blog and familiarize yourselves with it, subscribe by entering your email in the relevant box and also take the time to read our Policy as well as email us with any improvement suggestions or comments that you think are relevant at

Written by Cambridge English Southern Europe

December 24, 2013 at 10:00 am

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