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Help your students achieve their goals with Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)! #cambridgeitaly

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Preparing your students for Cambridge English: Advanced gives them more than just a certificate. It ensures that their English language certificate proves they have the right language skills and the confidence to take on a demanding course of study or job. It helps them open university as well as employment doors around the world and fulfill their ambitions.

Cambridge English: Advanced shows your students are ready to face any academic and professional challenge! 

What are the benefits of Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE). 

  1. International acceptance: Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is accepted by over 3,000 educational institutions, governments and employers around the world. Your students can use it for:
  • Receiving credits towards the English language component of their degree in an Italian University
  • Studying in the UK and across Europe in degrees offered in English
  • Studying in Canada
  • Studying in Australia
  • and many other locations around the world where courses are taught in English. 
  1. Greater choice and flexibility: students choose how and when to take the test from a variety of available paper-based and computer-based versions: 
  • 37 test dates a year – at least once a month so that they can take the test whenever they feel 100% ready 
  1. Lots of free support and preparation materials to help plan and deliver effective lessons towards the exam.  Visit our website to access a wide range of free sample papers, preparation materials as well as resources from Cambridge University Press to support you and help your students better prepare for the exam. 
  1. Cambridge English: Advanced can now also mean C2 for high-achievers: High-achieving candidates taking Cambridge English: Advanced sometimes display ability beyond the C1 level. To recognise this, candidates achieving an A grade will now receive an Advanced certificate at Level C2 – equivalent to a C pass in our highest test, the Cambridge English: Proficiency. Candidates achieving grades B and C at Cambridge English: Advanced will receive certificates at Level C1. 

Studying in the UK

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is the only English language exam your students  need for studying in the UK. Success in the test leads to a certificate that is:

  • accepted by UK universities and colleges as proof that you have the right English skills for college and university study
  • worth up to 70 additional UCAS Tariff points as part of your application to a UK college or university 

CAE candidates now have their own Tips seminars

Motivate your students further by showing them our series of YouTube presentations on the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE), featuring tips on the various papers of the exam as well webinars on how the exam can assist your students in achieving their goals, both in Italy and around the world!

Next steps:

Register your students for the exam through one of the authorized centres in Italy.

Written by Cambridge English Southern Europe

December 26, 2013 at 10:00 am

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