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Tip for Parents: Using online video

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Online videos can be a great way to practise listening and learn new words. To help your child practise English or prepare for a Cambridge English exam, go to our YouTube channel.

Here’s a simple way you can help your child to learn with online video clips. First, choose a short video. Look at the title of the video. Either in English or your language, talk about what you think you will see and hear in the video, or try to guess some of the English words you might hear. Then watch the clip, and check if you were right.

Cambridge English newsletter for Parents: a truly valuable resource to help you help your kids learn better!

Cambridge English has started a free newsletter specially designed for parents. This newsletter aims at helping parents make learning English more fun and effective for their children, through the inclusion of articles as well as several practical, handy tips like this one!

Parents will receive:

  • activities they can do with their children
  • advice about helping their children learn English
  • news and information about Cambridge English exams and preparation materials.

Parents as well as teachers can sign up here to receive the Cambridge English Parents’ newsletter.

Written by Cambridge English Southern Europe

March 9, 2014 at 10:00 am

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