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AR Project 6: Using Web 2.0: Synchronising technology to improve feedback on spoken academic texts

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The aim of our action research (AR) was to improve feedback and student preparation for tutorial discussions with the assistance of mobile learning technology.

A recent advance in mobile learning, the Audionote™ application (app) can simultaneously capture and synchronise spoken and written ‘texts’ into a digital file, deployable on computers and smart devices such as phones and tablets. Through this technology, teachers can record students’ speaking activities along with any feedback notes, and later send these files onto them. The students can replay them and see their teacher’s feedback comments highlighted on their device at the corresponding moments in the speaking activity, helping them to locate the context in which the feedback applies. This visual and auditory inter-textuality is likely to appeal to students of varying learning styles, and to teachers who want their feedback to be retained in its original context.

Our interest in this technology was piqued by its potential to help us resolve our own teaching challenge: how to equip our students to participate more effectively in academic tutorials, and also how to improve our feedback in order for it to ‘feed forward’ (Carless 2007) into our students’ learning.

You can read more in our latest Research Notes issue here.


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