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Cambridge English sponsors the recent edition of Think CLIL conference in Venice

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CLIL recently celebrated its twentieth birthday with a joyous, information-packed event held at the Foscari University in Venice, Italy between 28th – 30th August. As one of the event sponsors, Cambridge English attended with a stand using this opportunity to connect once more with teachers and colleagues in the city.

1994-2014: Twenty years of CLIL

The ground-breaking acronym ‘CLIL’ first appeared in discussions on the promotion of multilingualism and on language education policies in 1994, twenty years ago. Since then much has happened, including:

– an upsurge of interest by national and regional institutions throughout Europe that has led to attempts to harness CLIL approaches into their educational systems;
– the creation of think tanks to explore issues raised by CLIL;
– the training of CLIL teachers for this new learning and teaching environment;
– action by European agencies to support CLIL projects.

The global impact of CLIL

Initially a European phenomenon, in this twenty-year period CLIL has travelled far, reaching other continents, impacting on other systems and languages. The globalisation of CLIL has:

– complexified the issues it must deal with;
– added new perspectives to reflections;
– enriched its base.

With CLIL being a “complex phenomenon”, a forum was held in the recent event so that areas of particular relevance to CLIL and to today’s discussions on education and well-being could be discussed. Topics included were:

Learning and CLIL;

Teaching and CLIL;

Teacher education and CLIL;

CLIL management and leadership;

Transversal issues: mind, brain and education; health and well-being;

Best practices and experiences.

Cambridge English would like to thank all the attendees whose presence made the event greatly successful.


Written by Cambridge English Southern Europe

September 20, 2014 at 10:00 am

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