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CELTA certification of teachers in Romania continues to grow through Shakespeare school

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A further 12 Romanian teachers received a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages​​) certificate, following successful completion of a four-week intensive training course with Shakespeare School, Cambridge English’s sole authorised CELTA training centre in the country.

CELTA training courses aim at improving the method used by teachers in the classroom, using a practical approach that caters to the real needs of both teachers and their students.

Throughout the course, trainees receive guidance and feedback from accredited Cambridge CELTA tutors on a multitude of challenging yet useful tasks. They also are involved in discussion sessions on both their perceptions as well as personal approach to teaching, learning to be more effective in providing their students with quality courses. Trainee evaluation is continuous throughout each course and is based on three criteria: their performance at demonstration classes, written assignments and their degree of involvement during the training.

“Cambridge CELTA training course gave me the opportunity to watch experienced teachers teach and obtain personalized and constructive feedback from them…. I learned many new things – from how much work lesson planning involves-and this ensures a great deal of success during classes-to what the notion of class management means, how to provide feedback to your students, how to monitor them, which is the most effective way of working with them.Besides the methodology component, we learned that it is important to bring your personality into the classroom, to be relaxed and to give students the confidence to express themselves.” says Mara Blaj, teacher of English in Bucharest and Cambridge CELTA trainee at Shakespeare School.

This is the first time that Romanian English teachers had the opportunity to prepare in-country for this exam. Shakespeare School, being a CELTA training center, adds Romania to the list of 130 countries where such courses are offered. Shakespeare School will hold its second CELTA training course in January 2015. Registration details and information on the benefits of obtaining a Cambridge CELTA certificate can be found in the dedicated website

About Shakespeare School

Shakespeare School, one of Cambridge English’s preparation centres in Bucharest, annually prepares over 1,800 children and young students for Cambridge exams (4-25 years) and is currently the only center in Romania authorised to offer Cambridge CELTA courses for teachers. With three offices in Bucharest and a history of over 12 years, Shakespeare School has helped thousands of students achieve high performance levels in English knowledge, both at home and abroad. The interactive teaching methods, teachers’ meticulous approach and the monthly monitoring of results define the Shakespeare School’s method. The center offers annual courses for every age and level, summer courses, preparation courses for Cambridge and IELTS and conversation clubs with native teachers. More details can be found at

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October 26, 2014 at 10:00 am

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