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One more successful award ceremony in Athens

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The annual award ceremony at Ekpaideftiria Paschali , a private primary school and official Exam Preparation Centre in Argiroupolis, Athens, was held successfully on the 27th of October 2014 to honour students who received Cambridge English certificates.

97 proud owners of a Cambridge English Certificate received their awards in the presence of Olga Leondaris, Cambridge English Consultant, Presenter and Team Leader, and Jake Delatolas-Saveris, Head of English Department at Ekpaideftiria Paschali who guided and trained the students. The award ceremony was held at the school hall and was attended by parents, successful candidates and other peer learners.

Following their successful participation in last May’s examination sessions, 41 students were awarded their Cambridge English: Preliminary & Key certificates, and 56 students received certificates for Cambridge English: Starters, Movers & Flyers.

‘Integrating Cambridge English exams in the curriculum has enhanced the teaching programme and has helped EFL teachers show their good work. The biggest success is to watch how the students get motivated, enjoy their classes, view the importance of the exams and consider their values. Parents are extremely pleased and trust the strong English programme which is in line with Cambridge English’s internationally recognised exams.’, commented Mr Jake Delatolas-Saveris.

Picture of the winning students at Ekpaideftiria Paschali, in Athens.


Written by Cambridge English Southern Europe

January 15, 2015 at 12:41 pm

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