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Cambridge English attends several teacher conferences in Greece

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Cambridge English Southern Europe met hundreds of English language teachers at teacher events that took place in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, in September. Namely, the events were:

International Publishers Exhibition in Athens and Thessaloniki

ELT News Athens

PALSO Northern Greece

School Owners are concerned about the imminent increases in VAT and the impact that austerity measures will have on parents’ purchase power. Besides that, we found that most teachers visiting the stand had queries on the Cambridge English Scale and the new way of reporting results for Cambridge English First and Proficiency. Teachers found the guide on how to convert practice test scores to Cambridge English Scale scores particularly useful. If you haven’t read the guide yet, please find it here.

We delivered seminars for teachers, focusing on writing and vocabulary, which were led by our experienced presenters, Olga Leondaris and Stephen Taylor, and the Head of Assessment Services Southern Europe,  Sarah Ellis.

Webs of Words introduced the Cambridge English Vocabulary Profile, an amazing tool that enables us confidently to target groupings of words important at different CEFR levels, and demonstrated practical and manageable tasks that shape vocabulary learning and teaching at B1 level and beyond, encouraging teachers to engage with the tool, create their own activities and bring grammar into vocabulary teaching.

Teaching Writing at B2 and Beyond suggested a ‘writing teaching cycle’ that can improve learner competency in the very criteria used by Cambridge English to grade scripts at these levels. Both presentations were enthusiastically received.


Mr Stephen John Taylor, Cambridge English Southern Europe Consultant, presenting at PALSO Northern Greece


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September 14, 2015 at 3:33 pm

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