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Tip for First for Schools – Speaking Part 2

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A way to work in a similar exam training vein with parts of the Speaking Test, is to project the photographs {Part 2] or the written prompts [Part 3] to the board.

With the Cambridge English First for Schools Part 2 task, for example, one of the key skills in keeping going in talking about the photographs is not just to describe observable details but to situate these details in terms of the wider context of the situation i.e. speculating as to what lies behind the picture.

With the photographs projected to the board ask one learner to mention something the images clearly show e.g. in the first picture there is a large group of children waiting for a ski-lift, then indicate another learner who has to make some kind of speculation about this detail e.g. it’s probably a school skiing trip because they all look the same age.

Then move around the room and indicate another learner to mention an observable detail and the next a speculation about this detail …and so on. After five or six goes of this ask one student to put everything they have heard together and speak for a minute.

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March 6, 2016 at 8:00 am

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