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Tip for First for Schools – Writing Task 1

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CambridgeEnglish_FirstforSchools_Large_RGBWhat typically distinguishes Exam Training from Exam Practice is that the exam task at hand will usually be modified in some way so as to better enable teachers to focus learners on a particular discreet skill implied by a test task and provide a class platform that allows current learner strategies in dealing with tasks to be explored and improved on.

With a skill like Writing, it is possible to conceive of exam training tasks both in pre-writing and post-writing lesson phases.

Let’s consider the guided essay Writing in task 1.

A pre-task focus might isolate one paragraph which would relate to one of the two main content points to be covered.

To the board the teacher can elicit a range of topic sentence ideas and add a few pre- prepared ones.  Groups of learners around the room are then tasked with writing an exemplification of some of the ideas and an explanation of others.

This modified writing task focuses learners on the key skill of development of ideas [Organisation] and gives scope for teachers to look at the quality of learner language produced in terms of task register[Communicative Achievement] or range of complexity [Language].

Similarly, at a post-writing feedback task, a teacher can isolate to the board a range of sentences from learners’ written answers and suggest an alternative way of beginning each sentence – perhaps more in sympathy with essay register – for learners to rewrite. Again this modified checking task gives teachers opportunities to focus learners on a key discrete skill implied by the test.

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March 8, 2016 at 8:16 am

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