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Tip for First for Schools – Speaking Part 4

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When we open up the question activity to a guided whole class framework, everyone can learn from observing how other learners answer questions and from comments made about these answers.

A teacher – a bit like the conductor of an orchestra – can direct attention to different members of the group and with a look, a gesture or a follow-up prompt [just as an examiner would do in the exam] elicit responses to what has been said from actively listening to learners. To structure such activity even more tightly, the teacher can introduce a range of turn-linking prompts – placed either on the board, held up by the teacher or given to groups of learners – so that the task can come to focus on the strategy of expanding on and developing a partner’s answer.  For example, where one candidate is asked a question like:

Why  do some people prefer using the internet to shop?
and answers:   I think to save time. Someone sits at home and just chooses what they want on their screen  …
listening learners are then prompted to use/choose a prompt like …
but that’s not always true .. for example …

Using such classroom management techniques skilfully, a teacher can get a number of learners [making a different point each time] to practise connecting what they say to the initial comment with the prompt and the whole class gets to observe and comment on the effectiveness of the strategy in action.

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March 11, 2016 at 12:29 pm

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