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Exams?… No worries… Exams are cool!!

This is the spirit. We spent a whole week playing, learning and working with Cambridge English exams for all levels. From 6/3 to 10/3 we had organized a number of activities for all levels with the aim of familiarizing the learners with the exams’ content and level of difficulty. The enthusiasm and energy surpassed any expectations.

First of all, learners of all levels were introduced to the many uses and information Cambridge English website and microsites offer. They played games, browsed exam papers, got helpful tips and had the opportunity to  look through all the information and digital resources available online. The main point was for learners to re-visit the site and microsites getting help during their exam preparation.

While groups were sailing from one web session to the other, Exam Ambassadors visited all classes sharing their valuable experiences of previous exam sessions. The Exam Ambassadors were chosen to encourage and promote exams experiences, regulations, tips and behind-the-scenes happenings. The students were eager to take part as Exam Ambassadors and learners enjoyed talking with more knowledgeable peers about the exam experiences. A very well received event.

But, what stole the show was the Exam Certificate design competition…The competition attracted over 60 entries and the main idea was students to use their imagination and propose their own certificate design for Cambridge English to adopt for future certificates designs. All of us in the school were really enthusiastic about it and all entries were fantastic. After a burst of creativity, parents and students had to vote for the best three entries and these entries are soon to be forwarded to Cambridge English headquarters for consideration!

The events were a perfect chance for us, their teachers, to initiate learners to the idea of taking exams. The students realized that exams are more a sort of a challenge than a strict intelligence oriented benchmark. They also fathomed through discussions and consultation with their peers that if you really want to raise the bar high you need to know very well what exams stand for. All of them after this week know that exams are cool.

An initiative and contribution of Dimitris Maroulis Foreign Language School Naxos island, Greece

Written by Cambridge English Southern Europe

April 5, 2017 at 1:27 pm

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